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The Co built in 1986 is a private tech enterprise established on modern enterprisesystem,located east beside china's unique female emperor wuzetian lasthome,with 7000 aq.m and 4000 sq.m factory building area ,specializing in study of whisht seal technique and production cork rubber ,latex,metal complex seal board and special latex seal products,etc. The Co is the first domestic enterprise following JB/T8448.2-1996,HG/T2812-1996 and HG/T2813-1996. Our whisht seal atructure pat ten is ZL00 2 26298.3 ZL00 226297.5 ZL01 213172.5 ent six, and three parents are being a pplied. The Co is preparing for ISO9001-2000 internariongal quality system certifi cate and applying as Shanxi Province high tech enterprise.

1.industry sartorius seal 2.transformer seal 3.railway engine seal 4.SF6 high pressure switch seal 5.electric machine cork rubber rub piece The Co is specialized in 1.indusry sartorius seal products transformer seal products,new type railway engine seal material 2.The Co is the first enterprise specialized in producing transformer, industry sartorius,railway engine seal, cork rubber metal complex seal mat, and study of whisht seal technique 3.The technique director drafted out HG/T2812-1996 and HG/T2813-1996 and took part in the draft of JB/T8448.2-1996. 4.The Co has topping whisht seal laborarory in the country and nearly uniquely own whisht tesr equipments including ASTM F36,ASTM F37,ASTM F38,ASTM F147 series. 5.Based on different equipment and different seal parts,the humanness design,specialization and whole set are carried out.Please give me your seal problem,we will offer you a suit of so ing project.

Add:Tiefo Qian County Xianyang City Shanxi China. Tel:0086-0910-5368609 5368719 5368729 Fax:0086-0910-5368690 P.C.:713307 http://www.81mei.com E-mail:xyhlmf@tom.com qxzhf@sohu.com


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